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Personal follow-up

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If you have goals, needs or illness that makes you want personal coaching, you can contact us here for appointment. We also do online coaching.

Weekly coaching: Diet, motivation, adjustment of mealplanav fat percent meashurement.

6 week: price: 1500 krpr month(total 3000 kr)
12 weeks: price 1667 krpr month(total 5100kr)

One-on-one session with a personal trainer(PT). Look forward to challenging sessions tailored for your goals.

6 pt-sessions: 2100 krpr month(total 4200kr)
12 pt-sessions: 2400 krpr month(total 7200 kr)

Duo-sessions PT: Bring a friend with you and push each other through and forward!

6 pt-sessions: 1150kr pr month(total 3300kr)
6 pt-sessions: 3000kr pr month(total 6000kr)

Combination sessions: For those of you who want further knowledge and results both in nutrition and training.

6pt-sessions + 3 coaching sessions: 5100kr
12 pt-sessions + 6 coaching sessions: 9000kr

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